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Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids


Recently I met a man in a cafeteria that ordered scrambled egg whites with spinach leaves and I mentioned the benefits of egg yolks as a healthy cholesterol.  The man told me that he’s a runner and is training for his next marathon.  Immediately I thought to myself, well you will need more calories than that or you will pass out.  Our bodies need a certain amount of fat for our organs to function optimally.  For women, our body fat must be at least 25%, and for men it’s 20%.  The healthy fat comes from our Omega 3 fatty acids.  The egg yolk contains the omega 3 fatty acids that are so beneficial to our hearts, bones, muscles and tissues.

Healthy snacks

Benefits of omega 3 fatty acids include cognitive response improvement, anti-depressant, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, and inflammatory diseases, as well as for some cancer types (mainly colorectal, mammary, and prostatic cancer).  Fish are our primary sources of healthy omega 3 fatty acids.  A high level of DHA is found in wild caught Salmon, Cod and Tuna. Although we are talking about fish as a healthy meat option, we must make mention of the mercury level in fish can be toxic to us if ingested in large amounts.  My suggestion is to have this as a meal with vegetable twice a week.  If you have a fish allergy, disregard the recommendation.  Walnuts and Chia seeds not only give us energy throughout our day but it provides an excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids.  Eggs are another option, healthy for you in every way.  I eat 3 hard-boiled eggs every morning and it lowered my bad cholesterol and improved my healthy cholesterol.  Eating vegetables like Brussel sprouts and kale with your meal will increase your intake.  For those who love meat and prefer to hunt it, you have an added benefit.  Wild game meat is not only leaner and cleaner but it is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids than traditional farm meat.

Fish and greens                  Tuna steak


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