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Farm Fresh Markets

Farmers Market


Farmers markets are an excellent way of getting produce fresh and cheap.  Most states have a list of local farmers markets on the USDA website here.  Feel free to ask them about their farming practices and if they are registered organic.  If you live in a food desert then you may have to be willing to drive a few miles out of the way to get to a farmers market.  We have several where I live and they run from 5 am till 5 pm during the summer and it’s large.  We went there last year and were unprepared for the trip.  You will need something to carry the bulk items, a cooler, a wagon or a cart.  They sell potatoes in a 20 lb. sack and way too heavy to carry around while looking at every vendors stand.  Arrive early and park as close as possible and plan the trip when you are free of young children, some of the tents are close together and give very little room for a stroller to get by in the crowd.  Local farms may also have vegetable stands by the road of their farm in the summer months; some may even invite the public to pick your own for a price.  Some farmers markets even sell chickens.  Where I will be living has all the options because we will be in the country.  Look for food festivals even if you live in the city or suburbs.

Raspberries    Fruit and vegetable stand    Chicken on the farm


If you find it difficult to travel or you don’t trust the farms surrounding your residence then you may want to think about creating a garden.  If you prefer to create a farm of your own or garden for vegetables and herbs, I fully encourage that.  I will be creating my very first garden this summer with my family and I am excited over the prospects of it.  I personally prefer raised bed gardens vs in the ground due to my back pain.  You can create a small co-op with your neighbors and help each other grow different vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Raised bed gardens

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  • Farm fresh is the way to go! I consider myself a “farmer girl”. I love the country and open fields. My town has farmer markets and I pick up some produce. I trust their produce more than the supermarket’s. I also pick up some farm fresh eggs which are near the horse stables where I ride at. After riding I get a dozen eggs. The eggs are laid that day. I taste the difference, too.

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