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How can you change your metabolism?

Friends running for exercise
Friends running for exercise


That’s a very good question, how can you change your metabolism? Well I’m here to help you with that question. As we get older our body changes, one of those changes is that our metabolism slows down. This doesn’t have to be the case. Every day foods, herbs, and spices help your body be at its. Foods, herbs, and spices can heal and reverse damage.

Typically, most of us worry about our weight but not many of us realize what could be wrong. The diet industry is huge, a multi-billion-dollar industry and yet obesity is still a problem, why do you think that is? I might just tell you. Now that I’ve caught your attention let’s get started.

How do you know how fast your metabolism is?

One way to find out what your BMR (base metabolic rate) is through your physician. You can get a metabolism blood test that will give you information regarding how your body is processing normal physical and chemical processes into energy.  My test was a specialized scale that sent electrical pulses throughout my body and interpreted the data into a software program that illustrated body fat, hydration levels, muscle mass, bone density and water weight.

A few websites have the BMR calculator to input your height, weight and age and it shows the calories needed to function. Dexa scans will also give you the body composition and metabolic rate. The simplest way and cheapest is using your body temperature as your guide. Your body temperature reflects your metabolic rate determined by hormones. The basal body temperature should be between 97.6 and 98.2 degrees. Take your temperature in the mornings, put the thermometer in your arm pit and lay down for ten minutes, do this 3 days in a row. If the temperature is below 97.6, consult your physician to rule out Hypothyroidism.

A glass mercury thermometer

Do I need to Avoid Certain Foods?

White granulated sugar
White sugar

Yes. Certain foods slow down your metabolism. The foods that you need to avoid not only slow down your metabolism but can harm you and many other ways. Processed foods are large part of people’s daily lives because it is cheap and convenient. The processed foods contain a large amount of sugar, dyes and preservatives. Fast food restaurants serve processed food laden with unhealthy fats, empty calories, salt and starch. Did you know that obesity and diabetes are types of metabolic diseases? They are both directly linked to the sucrose(table sugar) that we find in every boxed “meal”.


What can I eat?

There is a large variety of food on this planet. When you look at food ask yourself if it was grown in the earth, did it come from the ocean, did it live in the woods, was raised on a farm with care and without hormones and antibiotics. If your answer is yes, that’s an easy way to tell that it is good for your body. Do not be afraid to try new things. A lifestyle change to your nutritional habits must include fruits, vegetables, seafood, nuts, seeds, and meets. So if you want to eat a steak dinner, that’s fine but double up on your veggies. The fruits and vegetables will help speed up your metabolism. Another important factor is spice, spicy foods help fire up your gut and it helps you burn calories faster. Do your best to avoid the pesticides, the GMO’s and whenever possible buy organic.

Farmers Market Fruit Stand
Fruit stand
A variety of vegetables

What’s next?

I’m sure you’ve heard this part plenty of times in your life, get moving! Stop sitting around being lazy and making excuses to not make the change. You have made up your mind to be healthy, so what’s stopping you? Some people might be thinking that they have to join a gym and spend money they don’t have but you’re wrong. You don’t have to join a gym, you can if you want to but you can also work out at home, in a hotel, and an office, outdoors, almost anywhere. Building muscle burns fat.

Something else you might want to consider, getting enough sleep. We can actually burn calories in our sleep, yes it’s true. In order for our bodies to function, it needs to burn off a certain amount of calories that’s just to keep us alive. Our metabolism is not optimized if we do not get sufficient rest and hydration. Yes it must be daunting to hear over and over and over to stay hydrated and drink your water, there is a reason for that, because it’s true. Water is life.

Water being poured in a glass


The diet industry has made billions off of people looking for that quick fix. Late-night infomercials showing us diet call that will instantly melt your fat away without you having to do a single thing, yeah right and I can fly. Ads, magazines, and commercials all showing a beautiful man or woman model promising that you will look that beautiful if you only do this or buy that pill or buy a program that helps you starve yourself. Seriously you think that those models aren’t getting paid just look good and sell a product that isn’t good for you? How many of these diet pills have you seen recalled? How many lawsuits have there been over these products? I don’t know a single person that has gone on a meal plan and off it and kept the pounds off. Restricting yourself will ruin your metabolism more so than over eating on the bad stuff.

An analog scale

The first time I revised my nutrition, I got rid of all processed food in the house and bought fresh organic meats, vegetables, and fruit.  I lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks.  I lost another 11 lbs. in 8 weeks to start and more every month with simple steps to include more greens and ways to eat more protein every day. This may not seem like a lot of weight to you but it’s a healthy amount to lose in that amount of time. Losing too quickly can harm your metabolism too. Here’s a secret you may not know, every 66 days you are a brand new person.  Our cells die and create new ones every day.  Every journey starts with one step, make today the day you take back your life restore your health.

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