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How To Have Better Digestion With Techniques To Relax & Meditate

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A little secret is that our bodies digest foods better when we are relaxed. We are not meant to rush around, eat standing up, eat on the run, eat while driving and skipping meals because we are too busy to sit down and have a meal. I know and most jobs that we only get 30 minutes to eat, so and reality it’s really 15 minutes because you have to wait for your food order to arrive at your table or your lunch in the microwave to be done then cool enough to eat. Research has shown that we have a better nutrient absorption rate if we have at least an hour to sit down for meals. I will give you my techniques to relax and meditate.

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When we learn how to relax, our digestive system will activate and process food properly. I will also give you suggested foods to relax you. It was hard for me at first to meditate, I would fall asleep. I had no idea if I was doing it right because I had similar thoughts of “am i supposed to see things?”. Practice makes it easier. I first learned about visualization during meditation almost 15 years ago during a Reiki class at my old high school. A Reiki practitioner will use the body’s Chakras to locate an area that needs healing, sometimes a blocked Chakra can result in losing one’s voice or “butterflies” in our stomach. A blocked solar plexus chakra can also mean you have digestive problem. The practitioner will meditate and visualize opening the blocked Chakra and cleanse it with energy. Now I can use a variety of techniques, I prefer guided meditation .


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Paying close attention to your breath is definitely the easiest method to calm down especially if you have a busy life and can’t find time to meditate for 30 minutes. It can be done anywhere, anytime, during dinner, in the bathroom, driving to work, walking the halls, food shopping etc. I have learned to walk away from my desk at work and hide in the stock room to perform breathing exercises and restore a calm mind before things get too crazy. When I lay down at night, my thoughts worry about work and the stress or arguments etc., so I remind myself that I’m not at work with this simple mantra, “I am home, I am safe”. This will bring my focus back to the here and now. I have recently been using another mantra to start my day, “It’s going to be a good day.” This works very well for me. Mantras are sayings you believe in and say daily.


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4 thoughts on “How To Have Better Digestion With Techniques To Relax & Meditate”

  • You know, I just started learning about Chakra healing and meditation. That’s why I clicked on your post… the title caught my attention. Thank you for your helpful advice on taking time to eat while relaxed. I forgot how important that is to my overall well-being.

  • Hi, nice read and great information.

    I know of the hectic in the modern business world. I try to give myself time to eat two times a day.

    I also need a relax phase after eating every time. Here in Thailand, this is actually more normal and most people take their time to eat 🙂

    I also like the meditation techniques, breathing, and mantras. When I feel very exhausted I lay down and do 30 minutes of relaxing meditation.

    Sometimes when I do it right after eating I can hear my stomach starting to digest, it feels great and when finished I feel like after many hours of sleep.

    All the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

    • Thank you Stefan. Our cultures are very different. I’ve had many jobs that allow only 30 minutes to eat vs 60 minutes that allows you to sit and enjoy what you eat. It’s so important to take care of ones health, mind, body and spirit together. Thank you for sharing your stories.

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