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Managing Your Health At Work

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As we all know it can be difficult to stay on track at work and here are a few tips on managing your health at work.  Stress causes us to eat things that aren’t good for us but convenient.   You don’t always have time to get a healthy salad or veggie wrap at the local eatery, so I’ve come up with some ideas to help you out.  Time and preparation can be the key to a healthier work week.  Sort and store snacks that will give you energy and nutrition like bananas and apples, incorporate nuts like almonds, walnuts or Brazil nuts in a spinach salad for lunch. You want to make sure you get enough antioxidants in daily, it will not only boost your energy but clear the brain fog and heal the body from the inside out.

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Breakfast should always be a protein with meat like eggs and bacon, you can add spinach, kale, onions, peppers etc. to your eggs or spice it with turmeric.  Quick dinner ideas can be fish and veggies, shellfish, shrimp, eggplant Parmesan etc.  Anything you can prepare during the weekend and freeze to heat up quickly after a long day at work.  Stress can be combated by not only taking enough breaks but meditating on a break, reading a book, stretching and taking deep breathes but drinking plenty of water and walking.  If plain water is not your thing, you can flavor it with kiwi’s, strawberries, watermelon, lemon, orange or whatever your palate desires.  Try some green tea or dandelion tea.  Another helpful thing we can all do, take the stairs or take a walk around the building a few times on lunch or before and after work, wear ankle weights to help strengthen our muscles or do some yoga.


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