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Natural Ways To Heal Asthma

Asthma Inhaler
Asthma Inhaler

Asthma is a respiratory disease where the mucous thickens in the trachea and makes it difficult to breathe.  Certain triggers include cigarette smoke, chemicals, perfumes, dyes, pet dander, outdoor allergies, over exertion, common cold and flu.  Dietary changes can make a difference in how the body handles Asthma, for example; a diet high in dairy products will increase the thickness and occurrence of Asthma.  Avoid dairy when possible.  These triggers cause inflammation and that creates the excretion of mucous production as a counteraction.  We will discuss natural ways to heal asthma in this post.  Naturopathy is a non-invasive, natural medical healing modality that incorporates such treatments as Acupuncture, Massage, Aromatherapy, Herbal, Energy work, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayurveda, and Dietary or Nutritional therapies.


Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs

Asthma is traditionally controlled by controller medications such as Advair Discus, a rescue inhaler such as ProAir or a nebulizer machine is used with liquid albuterol.  I find it funny that a doctor will prescribe this to a patient but rarely mention the warning signs or side effects of asthma related deaths and the ingredients can increase this risk.  Similar side effects for ProAir and Advair are Nervousness, shaking (tremor), headache, mouth/throat dryness or irritation, cough, nausea or dizziness may occur.   There is a liquid albuterol for a nebulizer machine and it will open your airways effectively but again similar side effects, increased heart rate, shaking, trembling, dizziness, nausea etc.

Asthma Triggers


I know first-hand, because I take them for my asthma.  It took me awhile to realize some of the triggers that I hadn’t thought of such as air fresheners, carpet deodorizers, candles, and perfumes.  I knew that the cleaning products affected me because I cleaned houses for a living for 10 years and I would spray down a bathroom and run and let the chemicals do their job while I did something else for an hour.  I hated Tilex, it was the worst.  When I got rid of all the cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, powders, perfumes, and opened the windows to air out the house, I needed the medication less.  I had less attacks.  Even with cats and dogs that I refuse to get rid of, I suffered less and relied on the medication less and less.


Typical cleaning and personal products in your home

Removing chemicals from your house will improve the air you breathe and what most won’t tell you is that you will become more sensitive to fragrances.  I can’t go into Bath & Body Work, ULTA, Sephora and Yankee Candle to name a few because of the perfumes.  They hurt my eyes, irritate my lungs and make me sneeze a lot.  My husband and I took our daughter to his cousins’ new house for a visit one-day last year and she has cleaning chemicals, candles, room deodorizers, plug-ins and laundry detergents smelling up the house.  We only stayed less than two hours before I couldn’t breathe.  The aggravation to my asthma was so bad that it turned into a full-blown cold that lasted for two weeks.  I couldn’t return.


Natural Ways To Heal Asthma

A woman meditating by the lake


Meditation is a simple and effective way to control asthma because most focus on yours breathe to bring focus to the here and now.  Acupuncture is another way to assist, it doesn’t get rid of the triggers though.  Herbal remedies have been used for a long time in treating asthma.  Even a change for the better in your nutrition can improve this disease, omega 3, vitamin d and antioxidants are keys to look for in fruits and vegetables.  We don’t have to settle for what the commercials say or what our Allopathic physician prescribes, we can discover other manageable and cost-effective ways to live and breathe easier.


Anti-inflammatory Foods

Nutritional therapies may be the most common for a person suffering from Asthma.  One of the key components that is completely overlooked by Allopathic physicians is the inflammation part which would be the origin.  Herbal teas such as Nettle tea, Tumeric and ginger tea are excellent ways to combat the inflammation, open the lungs and as a bonus it will decrease the A1C levels if you are diabetic.  Black seed is effective in fighting inflammation.  Increase the foods that are high in magnesium or take supplements to combat asthma.


Naturopathic resolution to this would be to avoid your triggers, perform deep breathing exercises daily to strengthen your lungs, avoid dairy, eliminate processed foods, reduce the amount of sugar that you ingest and drink more alkaline water.  Ayurveda can help choose foods appropriate to your Dosha to realign the energies to create homeostasis.  The elimination of processed foods is a big one because it contains food dyes, chemicals, preservatives and a large amount of sugar with very little nutritional value to sustain life.

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