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Why and How Paleo Works

Why and How Paleo Works

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Have you heard about the Paleo concept, it’s more of a
lifestyle change than a diet.  It shows us how to eat the foods that come from nature.  Paleolithic times, man hunted and foraged for food.  Protein rich meats meant energy and less hunger throughout the day.  Man could go days without food because the body was properly fed nutrition wise.  The paleo concept is based on lean meat, organ meats, nuts, eggs, fish, fruit, vegetables, and root vegetables.  So, how and why does Paleo work?

What Is Paleo All About?

I’m sure you are already seeing a difference in this “diet” vs traditional diets out there. So many diets tell you to reduce or eliminate meats and eggs.  You are meant to eat fully and lose weight.  This is not a one size fits all food plan.  If the suggestion is dairy and you can’t have it for any reason, then remove that from the plan.  I was told many years ago by my chiropractor that I needed to change my eating habits and eat foods that have been around for a hundred years.  This is because the food was cleaner before the industrial revolution.

Making a
lifestyle change to simple eating is for long term health not a quick fix.  Paleo works well on a
budget, restores your metabolism to high fat burning instead of fat storing, reverse many illness’ such as Diabetes II and energizes you.  You learn the difference in what the
government tells you and the truth. Even though our world is
much different than our ancestors, we can still get back to our roots so to
speak.  We have choices in what we eat,
what we wear, what we drive etc, in the past it wasn’t that easy.  We also have a greater appreciation for our
food when we know where it comes from and can grow it ourselves or be involved
in the process.  Paleo does of course
encourage organic foods.

Diets don’t work
because they restrain you by calorie counting, points system, dictate that you eat specific foods at specific
times and so on and so forth.  Most are
strict, focusing on reducing caloric intake like Weight Watchers for
example.  Once you have lost the weight
and are off the diet, you gain twice the amount of weight back.  Several of my family members and friends have
done this for years.  I however like the
idea of a lifestyle change and paleo is a good choice for most people.  It’s customizable to you.  Our goal should be to obtain optimal health
not just lose a few pounds for the next family event.  I have a freind that has been doing paleo
for years and loves it.  He is fit and
healthy and active.

How and Why Paleo Work

Paleo uses nutrient rich foods that give you energy, burn fat, reverse many autoimmune diseases and is clean. If you’ve read my other posts, then you know by now that I am big advocate for farm fresh and organic foods.  Our ancestors hunted and gathered their foods while on the move.  They needed food that would sustain them for days at a time if need be, it’s not like they could go to a grocery store when they got hungry.  In fact, my example in the beginning about leaving dairy out, paleo does not have any dairy in it.  

You obtain the healthy fats from fish, nuts and seeds.  Ever see someone with fabulous healthy hair and skin?  Well, fat, nutrients, vitamins and minerals do the magic.  The protein and minerals from the meats, wild game meat is naturally leaner.  The healthy oils suggested in paleo work to optimize your body’s function from head to toe.  Grains and legumes are excluded, most of them are GMO crops and will harm your health.  Creating bone broth for soups, stews and gravies will supply you collagen, minerals, glycine, proline, and glucosamine.  Can we say healthy bones and healthy gut?  Bone broth is easy to make so when you do purchase organice cuts of meat, select bone in when possible.

Eat plenty of vegetables, fresh or frozen is up to you.  Of course, if you prefer to grow them yourself, that’s awesome.  Asparagus grows in our garden and there is nothing fresher than cutting it out of the garden and sauteeing them in garlic, ginger, sea salt and butter.  Yumm.  Seafood is an excellent meat source and wild caught is healthier for you.  You can have fruits, choose ones lower in sugar.  If you are looking for good cooking oils, ensure they withstand high heat.  Some oils are better suited for dressings.  The standard vegetable oils should be avoided.

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