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Why I love Meat

Bbq lamb chops
BBQ Lamb Chops

I love meat, always have and always will.  Nobody can talk me out of it, I’m a born Carnivore.  Before we get to the meat of the subject, let’s talk about portions for a moment.  Each of us is unique, each of us has a different body type and metabolism.  Some of you may want to lose wieght, gain wieght, bulk up, tone, slim or just be healthier.  If you are looking to lose wieght, eat proportionately.  This means instead of eating a 12 oz. steak, get a 6 oz.  You may want to order the 12 oz and split it with your other half or friend, or simply make two meals out of it and that’s ok.  If you want to gain or bulk up then yes order the bigger steak, don’t forget the vegetables and potato.  Most experts will recommend 4 oz. of meat, to me that’s a bit small so I recommend 6 oz with a salad and a vegetable.  Eating healthier does not mean starvation, it means better choices and whole organic foods.

Steak and lettuce
Steak and lettuce

The importance of meat in our diet dates back from ancient times. The obesity crisis in America is not because of our consumption of meat, it is because of processed foods and fast foods.  There are tons of people who will disagree with me and tons that will agree with me, I am here to let you know what should be equal in our diets.  Life is a balance and we need to learn how to handle both sides of everything.  Our food is no different.  I am not against vegetables at all unless it is GMO crops.  I eat my vegetables daily with my meat.  I eat clean at least once a week with a swordfish steak and broccoli.  Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, the men hunted for meat to feed the tribe, and the women would gather berries, plants and herbs to add to the meals.

A bow hunter
A bow hunter
Rare steak dinner

We were constantly moving and that’s the key, we need to move more.  I don’t mean to never sit and relax but we are a society of lazy, overstressed people.  The media likes to tell us that eating hamburgers, steaks, hams, etc. will cause us to have a heart attack.  What they don’t tell you is the differences between organic meat farms, commercial meat farms and wild game meat.  Let me tell you how excited I am to try some wild game meat.  My husband is an avid hunter and has had many different meats.  Wild game meat is leaner, healthier, free of hormones, free of GMO feed, free of pesticides and a great source of minerals, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.  If you are not able to hunt for food, that’s fine.  Grocery stores are becoming more aware of the demand for organic food including meats from USDA certified farms.  If you haven’t tried an organic steak, it’s a must.  It has more flavor and is cleaner.  Yes, it is more expensive but that is not the question you should ask, you should ask why the other food is so cheap.  I discuss this on the article Why Eat Organic Foods?.  Meats supply our bodies with necessary iron that cannot be found in plants in the same quantity.  Some experts will lead you to believe that in “healthier” countries, the people consume rice, corn and other plants with very little to no meat at all.  This is not true.

In Asian cultures they consume a larger amount of fish, pork, and chicken with the vegetables and starches.  In some South American cultures, it is common to eat monkey as a source of meat, yuck. I personally can’t do this but I know it is very disrespectful to some cultures if you are invited to eat and don’t partake. Every culture has some form of meat or animal protein they consume relatively regularly. Some butcher chops will have “specialty” meats for example if you live in the Southern States, you may find gator, Rabbit, Wild Boar or Rattlesnake. Bison, Pronghorn and Hare may show up in some western states. I’ve seen Rabbit, Goat, Bison and Gator meats in one of our shops. The earth provides all the food, medicine, shelter and protection we need.  It’s our job to learn how to use this and give honor and respect to the animals we eat like the Native American Indians did when they inhabited the land.


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6 thoughts on “Why I love Meat”

  • Yes! We have an advocate for meat eaters lol!!! I love meat as well! But I also am smart enough to understand that is has to be in line with our health goals.

    I am working on that. But I for one will never give up meat. Just use it more wisely. Adding more fish in my diet is one way to do it. Great point. I heard someone say that we have to watch the mercury in the fish if we are eating more it thought. What do you think?

    Thanks for the great post

    • Yes I mention this in my other post on Omega 3 fatty acids about the mercury in the fish. Check it out. Certain fish will contain more mercury than others and never overdo it on any meat. Thanks for the comment!

  • High five to another fellow carnivore!

    I totally agree with you that obesity is not due to us consuming more meat. Heck, the “meat” at fadt food chains is not even meat! GMO and antibiotic-packed garbage is the real problem.

    What are your thought on vegans though? They’re effectively putting themselves at an disatvantage, no?

    • Thank you the comment Simon. I don’t believe in vegans. Think about it, everything we use is made from animals. The paint in our homes, the carpets, our hair brushes, fire extinguisher foam, tires, rackets etc. Vegans would like to scare people into thinking that we are starving, killing all the animals, and caused global warming. This is not true. I haven’t met one healthy vegan yet and I work with the public everyday for the past 24 years.

  • As much as I like the idea of not eating animals, I will probably always be a carnivore. I do try and watch portion sizes. I do have concerns about the hormones and gmo feeds that are fed to livestock. Where is the best place to buy organic meat. What should it say on the label?

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