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Why Eat Organic Foods?

I get asked a lot about why eat organic foods.  I ask why people eat GMO’s.  I get a funny look and “what are you talking about”?  Organic food is produced without genetic engineering, sewage sludge, and ionized radiation.  Organic food is strictly monitored by the USDA.  The USDA’s website can be found here.  There is a national list of permitted and prohibited ingredients.  When you visit a farm that is certified organic by the USDA they perform by strict guidelines.  Their fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy and meat are taken care of properly and as nature intended.  You can even find organic beer, wine and pet foods.  When you look at products with the USDA Organic seal, this does not mean that the ingredients are 100%.  They must meet the minimum of 70% or higher.  To find out more about organic alcohol click here.  The guidelines are made for our safety and they are costly for the farmers, hence the price difference in the grocery stores.  Organic is better for us.  Support your local farmer by purchasing directly from them and it will save you $$.

Organic bananas

GMO’s are Genetically Modified Organisms created protect crops against insects.  The problem is that the insects have acclimated to this modification and developed an immunity.  We now have Super Bugs because of this intervention into nature, they are harder to kill.  One way of getting hybrid crops is in the gene splicing, introducing plant A to plant B during breeding.  Introducing new DNA into a plant for better production can lead to unforeseen outcomes.  The debate is whether GMO’s are toxic and the research I have read tells me it is.   The pesticides that are sprayed on crops such as corn, soy, rice, and canola are the same pesticides giving cancer to lab rats.  True, we aren’t rats but we can get cancer from our environment.

Fertilizer truck on a farm

I have a personal story in all of this.  Our daughter has been diagnosed with a “genetic disorder” but nobody in the family has the gene, is a carrier or has fragmented gene.  The genetics department says she is a “spontaneous mutation”.  So, I ask again why eat GMO’s?  They have been proven to change our DNA over time.  There are more and more “syndromes” and “diseases” in the past 65 years, since the industrial revolution when our food changed.  Maybe it’s time to ask why.


I hope you like this post and it was thought provoking.


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3 thoughts on “Why Eat Organic Foods?”

  • I love that you are spreading this information! I came across the idea of GMO through the documentary called Food Inc. I will definitely check out the documentary you mentioned. That’s crazy how GMO can alter our DNA . I am a firm believer that GMO foods have cancer causing agents as well. Knowledge is definitely power, now it’s all about doing something with that power. Great article.

    • Thank you. I am studying Alternative Medicine and focusing on Nutrition. Not enough people understand how much impact our food has our health. Crazy, how about scary!? If we had known this earlier in life, imagine how we would be as adults. It’s our job to educate people and guide them on making the right choices. Again, thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it.

  • Thanks for the excellent information. I wonder why big companies are aloud to produce such crap food with weak regulations such as “70%” actual ingredients. How is it that these people are able to sell stuff that isn’t really food like fillers and other chemistry lab created items. I bet if the USDA slipped up on their ability to regulate the organics sector the big business would swoop in on the opportunity to use less rel product. What happened to the world?? Thanks for the great material 🙂

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